Being skeptical, I was not expecting much, however, I was so surprised of the positive effects it has had in my life.

Fiona was so open minded and honest it was so easy to talk to her. She did not judge and was supportive throughout. It was a pleasure spending time with her and I felt myself open up easily, like if we had known each other for a long time.

Immediately after the session I had a lot of mixed emotions. My session felt very intense so I felt very emotional. A sense of relief but also nervous as to what I had just lived through.

In the beginning listening to the recording was a bit strange, and I felt uncomfortable. However, with time, I began to look forward to it and it has now become a ritual.


Working with Fiona has been one of the most transformative experiences I ever experimented. I was impressed if how deep the experience tap into my psyche and at same time how gentle and effectively Fiona handles the steps that liberates blockages and densities off the system. I felt safe and in good hands all along the experience. Im forever thankfull.

I find the recording invigorating. It somehow represents a strong beautiful foundation I'm building inside myself and I was surprised to find out that it was personalised in a very accurate and precise way.

I feel something deep has changed. I can notice it it my sleep, and also in my mental behaviour. I no longer wake up in the morning feeling I must resolve something, or feeling that Im lacking something. Fiona helped me to take off beliefs and body dispositions that were no longer useful, thank them, and seed new powerful beliefs about my place in the world, about what I can give an allow myself to experience. I feel I got a blank page with a beautiful set of colours to draw whatever I want my life to become, and the trust that I can make it happen!

It has been one of the deepest transformative experiences I ever had.

Thank you Fiona


My second session with Fiona has been one of the biggest transformations of my life. The first session I did with her 1 month prior opened me up to one of the biggest blocks within my subconscious mind that I’ve been carrying since early childhood. I spent that month integrating and allowing the opening of the blockage to happen within me and it eventually showed me the deep wound that I had built so much protection around which was at the very core of the blockage.

Having already established trust with Fiona from session one, we were able to go even deeper in the second session and unplug the core wound and get to understand why it was there in the first place.

I now have so much more freedom in my life, more happiness and room for creativity. I still listen to her recording twice per day as it’s an important part of me building the life that I truly have always wanted. Fiona’s work is very powerful and it is because of her sharp intuition and soft calming energy that I was able to travel down deep into my mind to unplug this core wound.

Feedback after our 1st Session together:

The session was freeing, profound, enlightening, insightful, reassuring.

I feel more confident that I can have what I want in my life and that my subconscious can start to support my life instead of sabotaging it constantly. I'm still meeting resistance but not as much. I believe by listening to the recording it has helped my subconscious organise events in my daily life to release even more energies and traumas that have kept me stuck from achieving my original goal for the session. It's been a wild ride since the session!


It has been such a wonderful experience working with Fiona!
I was completely lost in the past year due to many changes in my life, lost all my confidence and continued to go down some unhealthy pathway whenever I felt triggered. I have been searching for some coaches to help me and I was blessed that I found Fiona. I immediately got in touch with her and set an appointment. She is so professional, non-judgmental, kind, understanding, and knowledgeable. I could feel her sincerity and compassion, love and wisdom, which made me feel very secure and that I opened up myself completely to her. She has opened my heart and mind to what's possible in life. I have been able to move into a deeper state of inner peace, clarity and confidence since having a session. I cannot thank Fiona enough for her help! xxx


Thank you so much for your outstanding Hypnotherapy session that has been immensely helpful.

No one ever understood my struggle better than You did….

I FINALLY feel that there is someone who knows what I am going through and how to help me.

Your amazing session and tools brought to light the cause of my issue, that I had been carrying for so many years!

The session was eye opening and a real awareness to improve my life for so much better.

There could not have been a more qualified or kinder therapist out there to be with me through this tough time I was experiencing…

I really enjoyed listening to your soothing and uplifting recording that helped me shifting my mindset for the best.

No words will ever describe how grateful I am for this phenomenal and priceless session. That is awesome!

With all my deep and sincere gratitude.


Fiona is a master of her art. Following her intuition and deep care and love for her client, her professional attitude and practice made it easy for me to surrender into her guidance. Her Verbal command and ability to transform the subconscious mind are exceptional and I feel eternally grateful for her help. Would recommend her without the blink of an eye.

I now have a deep sense of actually having been transformed in this area of my life. My skeptical mind more at ease and quiet, knowing that a deeper intelligence wants to work through me. Feeling more at ease with myself and my fears and limitations.


It was very pleasant to work with Fiona. She is an amazing, compassionate, grounding healer and i just felt directly safe and comforted. She gave me clear instructions, clear guidance and she always checked in with me if i were to be ready for the next step in the process. Her heightened awareness saw and acknowledged me in all that i am and even picked up the littles discomfort or change in my energy, which made the session even go deeper. I felt super safe telling her my most vulnerable parts, i felt supersafe to be guided by her through my subconscious mind and i felt supersafe knowing i could ask her anything and anytime. i highly recommend her as a healer, coach and hypnotherapist. This will be for sure not the last time, i worked with her!

Immediately after the session I felt very relaxed and i had a sense of peace and excitement. Like a newborn.

Then, puhhhhhhhhhhhh, i felt very emotional and tired for 1 or 2 weeks... something so big shifted inside of me cause of my new awareness, that i just for the first time allowed myself to play out this new role inside me..... and it was hard at times to keep up with the world and all the worldly due diligence - i felt like i needed to isolate myself so that's what i did!

The outcome is profound!!!!!!! Something so big shifted inside of me.... i was already on the right path but with this session and the recording and my new knowledge/awareness i had the perfect boost to help me on this journey.


Fiona is really easy to talk to and has a very open, kind and caring nature, which makes the whole process very easy. i would recommend fiona's services to anyone.

i have enjoyed listening to the recording and listen to it every night.

i feel happier. i haven't felt happy in a long time. i feel like i have space in my mind and in my body now that i didn't have before and it's left space for me to feel happy. it's a really great feeling to have.

The session was what i was looking for but didn't think i'd ever find.


It was absolutely incredible to work with Fiona! In our session we went very deep and with Fiona's help, I was able to release some intense shame I didn't even realize I was caring for nearly 30 years. Fiona was very gentle and nurturing through the whole process. Her intuitive guidance helped me experience deep healing. Our work was more profound that anything I've experienced with any other therapist. I am more at peace with myself. I feel deeper compassion for my inner child than I ever have. I am eternally grateful that I connected with Fiona!

I feel proud of myself for facing the shame we uncovered during the session. I'm confident the healing is continuing to ripple out through my life.

I feel internal peace and self-acceptance on a whole new level!


Loved working with Fiona, loved her energy, her approach, how she explains everything, made me feel super safe and it’s been a wonderful experience. And she is super efficient with everything, setting up, following up, the recordings and everything. Amazing Lady 🙏😍

After the session I felt full of energy, renewed, excited. Like someone has blown something out of me and planted a new seed. Now I just need to nurture it and tend to it so it can flourish and grow.


Fiona is absolutely unique. She is such a powerful, experienced, discerning and committed energyworker, with so much sensitivity. When she brings all that into the Hypnosis session it's pure Magic. One of the main reasons her work is so transformational is that she really gets to the core of the issue from the very start, and then she can guide you so well because she can actually FEEL what you are feeling and is able to notice and feel resistances and shifts in a very nuanced way. I believe is this capacity for nuance that was so impactful in my session when by just changing a couple of words my whole system was able to relax and I immediately felt a shower of particles, parts of me reintegrating back into my being after a lifetime of floating a drift. I absolutely recommend working with her, have no doubt it will transform your life, as it did mine.

Immediately after the session I felt a bit sleepy and floaty, but amazed of the clarity it brought on the way resistance had been such an ingrained safety response... that's not needed anymore.

I've been sleeping better 🙂 Waking up 5 or 6h after falling asleep (instead of the usual 3h) Hurray! And that's had a huge impact in my energy levels. All that energy my system was using up in resisting is now available for other things 😉

This shift in the sleeping pattern has also allowed more clarity on what it is that wakes me, since it feels as now it gets backed up for a few more hours.. and Im more rested to feel it when i wake, I can feel it stronger.. the Anger.. or that mars quality.

Overall I have better sleep. More Energy. Less resistance. More flow. Better boundaries. Feel safer, more grounded and more supported.


She is amazing. There are a lot of insights I never thought of. I felt safe and calm during the session.

Immediately after the session I had a feeling of understanding and am now having more compassion with myself.

I feel lighter. I don't expect too much from myself or focus on something out of my control.

I love how I feel better about myself now!



I came to Fiona while struggling to give my 100 percent in my career (as a surgeon) and I didn’t expect the root was soo deep into my childhood.
The session was amazing and I was amazed how intuitive she was. She picked up the exact things I needed to hear and made me come face to face to the things I needed to face the most.

A lot of times therapies feel like they work but don’t fully hit the spot and clean the junk that needs to be cleaned, but with the session with her, I feel I am a brand new me… and got exactly what I hoped for and more.

Thank you soo much Fiona. You helped me save myself and in doing so you have no idea how many lives were helped in turn.


It was mind blowing, life giving and magical! Like nothing I’ve ever tried before and I’ve tried so many things!

Fiona is a deeply sensitive and intuitive person. Working with her was absolutely magical yet natural and easy. She has an amazing capacity to feel what you feel and to see what you see. And even the things that I didn’t want to see - she saw! And that allowed me to go much deeper while feeling safe and guided at all times.

The recording Fiona made for me was on allergies. Each time I played the recording I became more confident that the problem that was causing the allergies is being resolved gently and organically by my own system

As much as the session itself was deep and healing, and the recording amazing and confidence boosting - what I didn’t expect is that the results of the session are like a snowball rolling down a steep heel. As days went by I began to notice that I am gaining more and more clarity on what was happening in my body and why did the allergies came up in a first place. I saw how my body was calling me to come home. To anchor myself deeply. To become present. To feel everything with an open heart. I saw that the itch was not my enemy but my friend. I saw that I was invited to sit still and listen. That my body, a gentle and intelligent home - was reminding me that all I ever needed or might need is within. All of these light bulb moments would not take place without a great shift that happened during the session. Honestly the work Fiona does is miraculous and results that exceed any expectations are permanent, ongoing and profound!


Fiona is a gifted person. She is a born healer. Her voice is magical. She was genuinly concerned
about my situation and offered guidance. I've had two hypno therapy sessions with her and
both were amazing. I've had a funny childhood and needed help to get out of my funk. These
sessions have helped me create new neuropathways, also an awareness of old pattern. I'm
still work in progress and can sometimes hear that little voice in my head that says things will
work out for me.
Fiona is gentle, patient, trustworthy and calm, and also one of most inspirig people I know in
general. Just listening to her gives me strength and hope. She is knowledgeable, certified,
intuitive, caring & easy going.
She's so passionate about what she does! She was so wonderful to me. I felt special with her.
I would recommend Fiona to everyone, She is legit, authentic and a kind person. The effects
of Fiona's spiritual gifts are subtle and powerful.


Amazing experience. Through her guidance and presence Fiona very easily put me in a comfortable situation of being able to understand my past traumatic experiences.
I felt a weight off my shoulders and chest that had been there for over 25 years and that I could breath properly again.
The recording has still to this day been very helpful in keeping me in touch with that place of letting go of previous traumas and permitting me to ready for what's to come without having any pre construed inhibitions.
I definitely feel happier, more confident and ready to accept what may come ahead.
The outcome: Extremely positive, as it has allowed to accept what took place previously but more importantly it has permitted to not fear what may come ahead.

Juan Carlos

What was it like working with Fiona?

How did you feel immediately after the session?

I felt totally uplifted and worthy

How did you find listening to the recording?

I love it! its been more than a month and I still listen to it often

How do you feel now, 3 weeks after the session?

more empowered, my priorities has been changing, still are.

In 1 sentence, how would you describe the outcome (the results) of your session?

is more than i expected, so there are still changes happening.


What was it like working with Fiona?

How did you feel immediately after the session?

Super tired

How did you find listening to the recording?

I love Fiona's voice and the way she collected all what i need it to hear. it is very customised and precise. I have there all the tools i need to remember myself sometimes.

How do you feel now, 3 weeks after the session?

i feel in calm. quite focused on my goals.

In 1 sentence, how would you describe the outcome (the results) of your session?

i believe


Fiona is very gentle, kind and understanding, I was feeling very much taken care of. The atmosphere of trust and support which Fiona creates immediately really helps to open up and reveal triggers and problems which are usually not easy to speak about. I was feeling really comfortable during the session and Fiona surrounded me with care and provided amazing help with my issues.
I was feeling very still, calm and a bit tired so I have been sleeping a lot after the session and it was good to give my mind and body rest and time to digest the session.
Every time when I would listen to the recording I would find something new in it, every time there would be new words standing out and giving me a new idea or better understanding of the process I was going through. Many times I would feel hypnotised again and would relax and get asleep with the recording. I will definitely keep listening to it again!
Now after 3 weeks after the session have passed I’m feeling much better, my anxiety and fears are not bothering me any more, I’m feeling more empowered and strong, my self confidence and self love have increased and generally my thoughts and attitude towards myself are much healthier than before!
First I would like to thank Fiona for the amazing gift of her help! I was feeling very on the edge and my anxiety, fears and lack if self confidence were eating me alive. When I was listening to the recording after the session I would every time feel better and more calm and peaceful and believe a bit more in myself each time. Now after 3 weeks I definitely take better care of myself and don’t let myself go into negative thoughts and fears and my self love is much stronger than before!

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