About Me

I’m Fiona, a Certified Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer and Intuitive specialising in helping people connect with their subconscious minds & energy bodies in order to realise their full potential.

My friends often jokingly ask if there is anything  I haven’t trained in. Since I’ve always been  fascinated with human nature, the energy body, the mind and what makes each and every human experience so unique, I studied anything that gave me a fresh perspective, from Alexander Technique, to Buddhist Philosophy, Meditation, Psychological Astrology, Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy and Reiki.

Sessions with me are infused with ideas and methods from all these various techniques, combined to create my very own blend of magic.

My particular gift lies in being able to read my clients’ systems in a unique way. I can feel and see energy issues within peoples’ systems, and physically hear the subtle responses their subconscious minds offer up to be heard, witnessed and addressed.

It adds a powerful intuitive layer to the experience, allowing people to dig deeper than they may ever have before.

And during sessions, rather than focusing exclusively on problems… I focus on what clients want for themselves.

What they desire. What they need. What it is they ache to make happen or manifest in their lives, but that has remained just out of reach, despite their best conscious efforts.

And I help them make that happen.

My Story


I’m a geek, a seeker, a wanderer. 


I was born with natural intuitive abilities that I couldn’t quite explain or understand. So for years I read, studied and trained  to explore why I can read peoples’ energies, systems and unexpressed emotions. I travelled far and wide (externally and internally) in an attempt to understand why I experience the world the way I do.

Yet, no matter how far I went, the answer to those whys was nowhere to be found. Acceptance was the only answer. 

So I took a leap of faith.
I made a choice to use my abilities to help people heal themselves, to love themselves, to understand and really experience that they have far more power and potential than they ever realised.


And so my journey truly began.


Why Hypnotherapy?


Working as an intuitive energy healer I came to realise a pattern: different clients were coming to me with the same recurring  issues.

I wanted to understand why this happens. Why so many people with a conscious desire to release a blockage, a pattern, a tension, a buildup in their system would come back over and over again.


In my search for answers I learned a fascinating fact: the subconscious mind has its own agenda in every situation. It has its own idea of what we want, need and, most importantly, what will help us.


This realisation became the foundation for the work I’m doing today. Because it became so clear to me that the subconscious mind’s agenda trumps our conscious desires. Every. Single. Time.


After a deep dive into a variety of alternative approaches and methods for working with the subconscious mind, I heard  Marisa Peer speak and realised there was gold in there. Underneath the simplicity of her words lay a profound understanding of the human mind and why we just don’t seem to be able to get what we want in life, no matter how hard we try.

I decided to experience her method for myself to see if I could shift a deep seated issue I’d struggled with for years… a lack of self worth, which manifested itself in so many areas of my life and felt so damn insurmountable.

And the effects were incredible!


I Found Self Love


Within weeks of doing a session focused on reigniting self love within me I was a completely different person. Walking on air almost. It was beyond my wildest dreams! I Discovered that I Absolutely Love Being Me!


 And so the work I do today was born, marrying Marisa’s approach with my abilities to read people and their energy and the knowledge that real transformation is indeed possible. That fact, that realisation was a catalyst for profound change in the way that I approach the work I do. I found my purpose… being a catalyst for change in people’s Lives. The change they know they need. That they ache for. That is just out of reach.

And I absolutely love what I do! It lights me up and brings me so much joy, with every session, with every client, with every journey of self discovery that I have the privilege of witnessing.


The Dream: A Self Love Revolution


My now not so secret dream is to help bring about a self love revolution in the world, helping people really connect with the beauty within themselves; to be able to look at themselves in the mirror with love, with respect and with joy. To be able to say out loud, proudly, ‘I love being me’.


Because those 4 words have changed my life; have helped me shift from self doubt, self judgement and, to be brutally honest, crippling self hatred to a beautiful, powerful, transformational knowing that I genuinely, unwaveringly, unapologetically love being me.

A weight was lifted off me the moment I realised that I truly could and truly did love being me. The veil I had been seeing the world through dropped away and I was free to be me, free to pursue my dreams and free to help others come to this same life changing realisation.


It was a long journey for me but I know now it doesn’t have to be.  And it’s not an elusive out of reach pipe-dream as we are led to believe.


This shift is both possible and achievable when you are equipped with the right tools; tools I’m proud to say I use with great success every day.

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